The original idea behind the Paul Klee Ensemble was to bring the arts together, to break traditional moulds and explore new artistic possibilites. This interdisciplinary project has been delighting and surprising audiences for ten years. Inspired by Schönberg’s groundbreaking and experimental work, Pierrot lunaire, the Paul Klee Ensemble (EPK) consists of six musicians: flute, clarinet, violin, cello, bass, piano. As well as their highly unusual combination, their unique repertoire makes them stand out. Eager to collaborate with actors, designers, writers, or even rock musicians, EPK offers the audience an eclectic and unforgettable experience. Since their formation in 2004, EPK has been resident at the Paul Klee Museum. Each year the group performs two series of concerts connected to Paul Klee’s work or to the music he most cherished. In nod to history, at Pierrot lunaire’s Berlin premiere in 1912, Klee himself was hugely impressed by this avant-garde work.


Among EPK’s honours are the “Pro Europa” Europäische Kulturstiftung’s european cultural discovery award (2006) and the special recognition prize from the city of Bern (2013).